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Homestead Alive – Welcome

This story was originally published Friday, Feb. This is the public face of Homestead Heritage, a acre religious community of about 1, people seven miles northwest of Waco.

Visitors see traditional craftsmen and women who bake their own bread, sow their own crops, make their own furniture and Live sex Homestead their own homes. Every November, Homestead Heritage members show off their crafting, woodworking and agriculture skills at the well-attended Homestead Fair. Bush even got them to build his ranch in Crawford. But dig a little below the surface, and the idyllic veneer of this place begins to peel and crumble. A Texas Observer investigation has found allegations of child sex abuse Girls in Escanaba looking for nsa at least six members of the Homestead Heritage Lve.

Three members have been convicted of sexually assaulting minors. A fourth has been charged and Live sex Homestead likely soon plead guilty. The Observer found more allegations of Live sex Homestead abuse of children that have never been reported to the authorities.

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Church elders failed to promptly inform law enforcement of sexual abuse of children, as required by state law. It was founded by Blair Adams, a tall, imposing, Live sex Homestead man, and his wife Regina, who according to one former member, had broken away from a Pentecostal church in Austin a few Live sex Homestead before. Adams, now in his mids, taught that the end times were near and his followers needed to learn to live off the land.

The group first tried community living at a ranch in Colorado, but eventually settled Live sex Homestead a acre farm in McLennan County, near Waco. Women wear long dresses and long sleeves. The children are all home-schooled. For Lice story, I spoke to 14 former members of the community. Each disclosed their name, together with details of the years Live sex Homestead were in Homestead Heritage or one of its earlier sfx, but some, fearing reprisals, asked to use pseudonyms.

Others helped with the story but, because they still have family members inside the community, refused to speak publicly.

Homestead Heritage claims most criticisms amount to secular attacks on religious freedom, but all of the ex-members the Observer spoke to still consider themselves religious. If there is one thing on which most ex-members agree, it is the level of Live sex Homestead the Live sex Homestead of the group exert on their followers.

But it is the cases of child sex abuse that are most disturbing. Officer Brad Scaggs escorted the bulky year-old to the interview room and pressed the record button on the video machine. DeLong then told the officer that sometime around Marchhe sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl, according to his statement.

A full year would go by before DeLong once more talked with Klingensmith about the abuse, court records show. Only then did he give himself up.

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This was no isolated incident. Inanother member, year-old Joseph Ratliff, was sentenced to years for aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child. And in Julyyear-old Richard Santamaria, another member of the community, Live sex Homestead charged with continuous sexual abuse of a minor.

My requests to interview Ratliff and both DeLongs in prison were turned down, and none of the men replied to letters Women to fuck colo Beckley by mail.

In the case of Bill DeLong, the fact that George Klingensmith, Lvie church elder, knew about his child sex abuse a year before DeLong turned himself in, Live sex Homestead he too may have committed a crime under Texas law.

Blk male seeking older Brisbane female his statement to police, Klingensmith conceded that DeLong had informed him of the abuse a year earlier. A child is defined as anyone under the age of He did everything he could shy of getting involved.

Joseph Ratliff was convicted of five counts of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and indecency with a child. According to court papers, Live sex Homestead victim was an 8-year-old boy.

One former member, who asked to be identified only by her married name, Birkbeck, told me Ratliff was allowed to remain in the community for seven weeks after he admitted to elders his sex offenses against children.

Birkbeck said she spent time each weekend with him, and even though she was not assaulted in any way, she is concerned she was left alone with a child molester. His female victims were 11 and 17 years old. It was dealt with swiftly. Of all the interviews I Live sex Homestead for this story, one was particularly distressing. From age 5, Sandy said she was sexually abused by two different men.

She told Live sex Homestead elder about Live sex Homestead abuse she suffered, who in turn informed other elders in the church. Today, with the help of friends, Sandy is recovering in a Texas city away from Homestead Heritage. She told me she is considering counseling.

She finds it hard to date people and often worries about the children still living in the community of Elm Mott outside of Waco. The Observer has learned from a number of different sources of other cases of sexual abuse Livr Homestead Heritage. The Observer asked Homestead Heritage for an in-person Live sex Homestead with Blair Adams or other elders, but our interview request was denied.

This was also refused. The church later Homestezd to answer emailed questions from the Observer Live sex Homestead instead chose Live sex Homestead issue a statement: Their storyline as a whole presents a blatantly false and misleading characterization Live sex Homestead our non-violent, eex Christian community. A clue is in the leadership structure. Blair Adams is at the top.

The other elders are beneath him. He chooses the Homfstead they choose the group leaders; the group leaders choose the members. One ex-member I spoke to, John not his real namesaid members of Homestead Heritage are repressed emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and sexually.

ILve member Katherine Beechner told me that elders Live sex Homestead interfere with sexuality within the confines of a marriage. It was seen as lustful. The whole realm of pleasure, which God gave us is held suspect in so many ways by Homestead Heritage. Jeremy Crow, 35, joined Homestead along with his parents when he was 8 years old. Crow, who left the group seven years ago, said young men growing up in the community are made to suppress their desires and sex drive.

I firmly believe that. Janja Lalich, If you have big boobs i am single sociology professor at California State University and author of two books on recovering from Homeestead and abusive relationships, said sexual repression is one of most powerful ways that a group can exert control.

The story served as an introduction to the church to anyone outside Texas. Olson noted that the group made decisions by consensus; babies were Live sex Homestead born at home; and prayer and medicine were combined for health and well being.

Anyone who leaves the group, Beechner Homesteaad, is shunned and denounced as being the spirit of the antichrist. It is a terrifying display, as anyone who has witnessed it can attest.

Heritage of Abuse - The Texas Observer

Using pseudonyms, they continue today to post their testimonies on online forums like F. A number of former Live sex Homestead the Observer spoke to said they believed Blair Adams sees himself as a messenger from God. Adam Alexander recalls how Adams used Live sex Homestead scream and yell at his congregation in church, on one occasion slamming the pulpit and demanding: Tellingly, it Homextead states: Crow tells the story of seeing a woman struck by her husband several times.

Years later, he asked her about it, but she denied it had ever happened. Crow said with that mindset, people could lie about anything.

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We literally had Live sex Homestead in which we were trained to memorize these. Beechner said they were trained to answer in a way that deflected the question. If, for example, a member was asked whether the children there are allowed to go to college, she said Live sex Homestead were taught to say something like: If children at Homestead Heritage misbehave, many parents practice corporal punishment.

According to Christina, who asked that her surname be redacted, Blair Hokestead began preaching about corporal punishment shortly after the group first moved from the East Coast to Colorado. Christina was a member back then, and she recalls Adams quoting scripture as he went into some detail about what fathers should use to beat their children with; what kind of switches to utilize and what they could be made of.

The law in Texas is gray here. A spokesperson for Child Protective Services said that every case is different, but using Live sex Homestead other than your hand, leaving Homestaed or bruises, or hitting in the face could constitute abuse.

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Adam Alexander grew up Live sex Homestead Homestead Heritage. When he Lonely wife wants casual sex Greenbelt 12, he said a then-member of the church beat him for breaking the door of a trailer.

Alexander said his mother told a church elder about it, but that the elder in question did nothing. The abuse continued until he turned Hmestead day, the church member found a CD Live sex Homestead his room and asked where Alexander got it. Alexander said the man snapped it in half.

He limped for about two weeks after that.

But he backed off. Again, an elder was called, but his solution was that Alexander simply needed to be baptized.

The member who Alexander said abused him is no longer in the church. Still, Alexander said, his family Live sex Homestead eventually dis-fellowshipped. Another former member, Robin Engell, admits Nude bitch Lewiston once locked her 7-year-old child in a room for two weeks.

At end of two weeks, he had taken pencils and drilled holes in the wall. It was so bad when he came out; he shook all the time.

As obedient as I was as a member of Homestead Heritage, Live sex Homestead swore to myself I would never do that again. I would have gone to hell rather than do that again. John, who also requested that his real name not be used, is one of eight children and for Local sex Cork past decade since he Live sex Homestead Homestead Heritage, he has slowly learned to adapt to life outside.