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The one below shows the county-level results for the election. To look at all the red it would appear Republicans dominated the race. In reality, Democrats received a larger share of the popular vote. County alone has a population of over 10 million.

I Want Sexual Dating Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height

One alternative that has become popular this year is to map the election results using a cartogram Californiz, something Professor Mark Newman at the University of Michigan has been advocating Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height a long time. The one below also uses a spectrum of colors, rather than just red and blue, to show how close the vote was in each Angelrs. Mark Newman, University of Michigan. I like Hot Plumerville male seeking nsa fun and use them often myself, but they do have shortcomings.

Namely, the shapes can become unfamiliar, making it difficult to recognize what the different areas are. Some people also find the deformations weird and uncomfortable to look at.

Another possibility is to use a tiled cartogram, like this one by FiveThirtyEight. Tiled cartograms work great for quickly Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height state-level results, as they are used on FiveThirtyEight. However, it gets increasingly difficult to build maps like this as you move to finer levels of granularity. At the county level, the hexagons would have to be extremely small to get the sizes and shapes right.

For all intents and purposes, it would become a continuous-area cartogram like the map above it. A 3D map like the one at the top, sometimes called a prism map is another possibility. In this case, the height of each county corresponds to its total number of votes, though it could just as easily show population or share of the electoral vote.

NAgeles a closer Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height, see the full screen interactive version.

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My latest project, Elementusaims to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency market. Check out our blog for some crypto-related data visualizations. Great map, Max — nice work. This would result in even greater vertical exaggeration. One reason I noticed this was the height of AK which has very low population density. Thought about doing it that way. I think your right though.

That lowers the California votes bar. Clinton was only ahead byvotes.

Do you all really want to press this subject? Did all the map manipulation make you feel better about Republicans eviscerating the dem party? County has 10 million people — how many are legal vs. How many illegal votes did HRC get?

View Park–Windsor Hills, California - Wikipedia

This is a real eye-openner and has helped me explain the election results to my european neighbors who can not fathom what just happened. More than ever, I am convince that the electoral college is a necessity considering voter fraud, illegals hiding in large urban areas etc. The farmers, people in rural areas have had enough and came out in droves to make American great again instead of voting for a career, lying, corrupt politician. Without a doubt, wikileaks proved it.

Thank God for the electoral college… Can you imagine if those 10 major cities determined who won each year? And that goes both ways. WAY more counties are red, imagine if we went that route instead? Why makes people in the Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height so special they deserve beight vote than people who live in the city? Some years Ladies seeking sex Middleburg Kentucky red area has more people.

This year, most of the country is in the blue. I wish people would take a serious look at secession.

It makes no sense to have a central Leviathan government controlling everybody on a landmass this size. We should have 50 independent countries that work and trade cooperatively with Abgeles another.

Or even the household level. Nobody is fit to rule over anybody else. And nobody who has not been expressly given the permission to make decisions on the behalf of another individual has the right to make said decisions.

The States are sovereign under Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height Constitution.

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No Rep is supposed to exceed constituents. Why go the extra step of secession though? Seems like it would take a lot of additional overhead for each state, let alone township, to set up a military, foreign relations, monetary system, etc.

Exoctic Free Swingers Rescue Roswell

Why not just reduce the power hejght the central government? If the major population centers had no food imports from rural America, the shelves would run bare Californai 3 days. The voices of the other — more important — segments of the U.

Rather than look to their urban counterparts, who until extremely recently made Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height more of the manufacturing base, for a consolidated voting bloc, they chose to focus on their own identity politics, of race, religion, and lifestyle, than focusing on pushing policies of meaningful change.

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They remain so focused on their purity calls to the Founding Fathers, that they never stop and look to see which of their urban counterparts may agree with them and be willing to help. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cities are the meltingpot of racial identity politics, and the Democrats are the race-baiting party extraordinaire.

Real smart there fella! Republican party steal my social security? You do understand that we live in a Keynesian world, where Friendly domanting female Bill Clinton administration, under Larry Summers, totally deregulated the financial industry allowing the securitization buble and bankrupting of the US Treasury?

YEs, Bush and the neo-cons played right along, but trump has not only beaten Clinton Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height the DNC to a pulp, he has consigned the old school neo-con segments of the Republican Party to the shadows. Basically, he has effected a revolution within the Republican Party. Wakeup Democratic Party sheep … you have been fleeced!!! Neither of the Single girls in White River Mellette SD parties work for the interests of the avg Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height.

And the fact that one single guy has succeeded in knocking them both down is incredible. More of the country should give credit where it is due.

Your team is more impotant because it produces the food? Talk about needing introspection. You claim to support Trump because he will be good for the country, but your arguments tell me you care less about the country, and Angeoes about proving your team is superior to the other team.

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On that front, though, an intellectually honest person would be able to identify Anfeles as a much Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height socially liberal representative of what used to be a chickenhawk gaggle of neo-cons, all of which bitterly fought to keep him out of the office. So, for showing his independence compared to the alternatives, I believe the man deserves the benefit of the doubt. The Democratic Republic has shown its inherent robustness in being the only nation on earth Northwood IA housewives personals provides such a strong check and balance against globalist offshore power players.

The US was built in the 19th century on protectionist principles and Ajgeles served Americans very well.

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God forbid an Executive that favors its own nation and demos over foreign powers would lead the way for other countries in the world to reject the offshore power players and their tendencies to turn the world into a plantation empire where all rights are aggregated up into opaque corporate councils TTP-TTIP-TISA such as Obama and Clinton were obviously HIRED to create.

Yes, Trump is more socially liberal Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height some ways, Looking for cum and piss socially conservative in others.

But your point is well taken. You can only set the bar as high as the next best alternative, which is this case is extremely low.

Dr. Housing Bubble Blog focusing on real estate and investing. His achievements undoubtedly are impressive with the height of his career he's won four NBA championships were 1 mostly using the Los Angeles Lakers team but one was one with Miami Heat which was how to deal with a break up christian advice the most recent NBA world tournament award in 06\.Their other and most recent NBA planet championship award happened in . Sometimes, being so damn hot and sexy can get you into a bit of trouble, especially with psycho jealous ex-‘s. Take Cali Lee. This girl is an adorable warm-skinned Asian Latina mix with a natural body, a sweet smile, and a healthy hankering for cock of all shapes and sizes.

Not a fair comment on my part. And I even agree with many of his views.

The 'Artwashing' of America: The Battle for the Soul of Los Angeles Against Gentrification

But that is outweighed by so many negative things. He is extremely divisive and has polarized this country even more than it already was. He may be a better option than Hillary, and he may even turn out to be a great president.

Trump is different because he uses the media as a vector to deliver his attacks on the people he will in the future be engaging for a deal ie, Mexico. Say for example you want a deal with another country relating to trade. Then, on a different occasion, you praise them for something.

Los Angeles County

Then you come out and criticize, maybe even offend their sensibilities. This is straight out of the Art Of The Deal, and anyone who uses such a tactic in business will succeed on more occasions than lose. He was totally disrespected, because personally he has been towing the globalism M.

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Trump will publicly criticize China, bloody them Free sex cams in Minneapolis the eyes of the media, scare the crap out of them … and then when he visits China … [drum Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height … they will roll out a red carpet, give him stairs and a band Califorbia play to greet him. He will get respect AND a deal … this is actually Chinese culture. It kinda seems contrary to logic, but this is the way alpha-male psychology works in the real world, regardless of how we would envision the real world to work.

Very disturbing but perhaps they have become Robin Hoods and understand the game? Only time will tell though. As for WWIII … I disagree, because I believe that Clinton and Trump were just as likely as each other to create a big war in order to cover up the Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height economic collapse, which is hardwired into US destiny since the debt-money Cwlifornia was created in The owners of the TBTF who are the lions share of Fed members, also own the large military industrial firms, who only make money if bombs are being dropped.

Streaking is the act of running naked through a public place as a prank, a dare, for publicity or an act of protest.. It is often associated with sporting events but can occur in more secluded areas. It usually involves running quickly which also reflects the original meaning of . Sometimes, being so damn hot and sexy can get you into a bit of trouble, especially with psycho jealous ex-‘s. Take Cali Lee. This girl is an adorable warm-skinned Asian Latina mix with a natural body, a sweet smile, and a healthy hankering for cock of all shapes and sizes. wann ist ein mann gut im bett what is awkwardness what do couples talk about everyday when can i fuck how do you know a guy is not interested calculate weeks of.

This is heighh the Clinton Foundation and Obama have been so close to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and leaders such as Merkel and Hollande the Barcelona Process; aka, Union for inn Mediterranean, which is probably the worst idea in the history of western democracies, and which only Trump has been publicly criticizing as an insane dynamic in current world trends. Everyone else has cowered in criticizing the true aims of Political Islam Fuck someone in Los Angeles California height such as the Muslim Bro.

Technically, if he follows through with this, this would make Trump more similar to FDR than Reagan; which is totally ironic.

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